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Awards - 2022

If you’ve walked, cycled or cruised the Bernard-Lawrence neighbourhood, the Marshall Street Conservation Area or the Abbot Street Heritage Conservation Area you’ve no doubt appreciated some of the many beautiful homes and buildings that have been lovingly preserved.  Other heritage gems can be found nestled unexpectedly as you travel the Central Okanagan; Peachland, Rutland, Lake Country, West Kelowna – all have beautiful examples left by those who came before us.  The City of Kelowna Heritage Register alone lists 206 Heritage homes and buildings.

Heritage Week is celebrated across Canada – this year from February 21st to the 27th.  A significant event during Heritage Week is the presentation of the COHS Annual Heritage Awards.  Exemplary homes and buildings are featured in these awards as well as neighbourhoods and natural cultural heritage areas that bring beauty to our community. Of course it is people who preserve our heritage and some people have spent years championing heritage in our community. The COHS celebrates these people too.

Awards are given in seven specific areas:

Two Distinguished Community Service Awards are being presented this year. As noted earlier in this article, it is people who advocate for, and do the work of preserving our heritage. Two people who have contributed significantly to this effort over many