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A Sign of the Times

Often when we see a bright orange City of Kelowna sign posted along the roadside that boldly proclaims “Development Proposal” we wonder, what now? All too often, it seems, lovely older homes are taken down to make way for modern high density housing.

With this in mind it’s surprising the phones at COHS aren’t ringing off the hook (so to speak) after one of these signs was posted next to the driveway at Benvoulin Heritage Park.

Don’t be alarmed.

Upon closer inspection you would be able to read the following:


Seeking to protect the property long-term by

designating the property as a heritage site

through a municipal Heritage Designation Bylaw


The Central Okanagan Heritage Society (COHS) owns and manages the Benvoulin Heritage Park. Within this park is, of course, the Benvoulin Heritage Church (built in 1892). The church is already protected under a Heritage Designation Bylaw passed in 1983. Also within this park is McIver House which was moved to the area in 1994 and placed on the Heritage Register in 2000 and of course the beautiful gardens which so many visitors have come to appreciate. Such a lovely part of our history yet only the Church is actually protected under a bylaw.

Because the park, church and house together have significant heritage value it has been proposed that Benvoulin Heritage Park receive heritage designation in order to ensure that the site remains as is for future generations to enjoy.

So now you know why that bright orange sign is there. If Benvoulin Heritage Park does receive Municipal Heritage Designation then residents and visitors alike, now and for generations to come, will be able to enjoy this peaceful part of Okanagan history.