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McDougall House

McDougall House
Built in 1886.

John McDougall, the patriarch of a large First Nations family, built the house in 1886. It was the third home built, and the finest one on the Guisachan site, when the Aberdeens bought the ranch in 1891.

When the Aberdeens visited the ranch for the first time in 1891, Lady Aberdeen wrote in her journal;

“…many tales of the wild doings of these McDougalls were told to us. A testimony to the truth of some of these was to be seen in the marks of the pistol shots with which the walls and ceiling of the house were riddled.”

With the growth in Kelowna in the 1980s, the McDougall house was found to be in the middle of a piece of land which was to be developed into Gordon Road. The square cut timber house was taken apart, each log numbered, and put back together on a new foundation at its present location in Guisachan Heritage Park. Today McDougall House is used as a revenue generating property for the Society.